Serious athletes keep training journals, and they keep them updated.
It’s the athlete’s responsibility not their coach’s.
Coaches keep journals too, but your personal progress needs to be journaled by you.
I don’t mean on your phone either.
No serious coach should let you near your phone during training!
You don’t need any software for this either, just a plain old notebook (that you bring to the gym each time).

I have kept a hard-copy training journal for about the last ten years.
It has been a great help to me in several ways, I track my PRs, of course, but all aspects of my training are recorded.  My warm ups, skill work, work sets, and feedback on how each session went.

A journal keeps you sharp, it makes you push harder, but smarter. You are always competing against yourself.

For those people who don’t want to enter any competitive events because they say they only compete against themselves can prove that by keeping a journal, otherwise they are just making excuses.

Keep it real, folks!

Start a journal today if you don’t have one started already. It can only help you improve.


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