We’ve all been there.

Some days everything lines up just right and you crush your training. You leave feeling

great about the training, about yourself, and about life. It couldn’t be better.

You made progress and you know you did!

Then there are “those days” when something just doesn’t feel right.

You’re “off”, not operating at a level you know you usually are.

Because of your discipline, you train anyway.

You miss lifts you shouldn’t have missed. Your technique is off; nothing feels right.

You tenaciously finish up any how, and  you might leave the gym feeling defeated and mad at yourself.

Here’s why you shouldn’t.

  • you still trained, which means you got mentally tougher
  • you still had time under tension on your lifts
  • you made progress any how and probably don’t even realize it

Remember, there’s only been one perfect man in the history of the world,

and it isn’t me or you. Hang in there, and get ready to train again!


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