The most loving thing to do for your family is to stay healthy

Posted: August 25, 2015 in motivation

I hear people talk about how much they love their families, yet they refuse to take care of their own health. To see your children grow up, take care of your health. They will need you!

It is extreme hypocrisy to trash your own health through laziness and lack of discipline, then tell your family how much they mean to you.

Why not tell them the truth, you don’t  love them as much as you love your cigarettes, beer, and junk  food.

When someone really cares about their family they do take of themselves.

  • they exercise regularly
  • they eat clean
  • they don’t smoke
  • they get enough sleep
  • they don’t drink excessively

Anyone can make a change for the better.

I will help anyone I can who is serious about their health.

  • I will train them right
  • I will hold them accountable
  • I will not accept excuses from them
  • I will demand 100% effort from them every training session

Show your family how much you love them before it is too late.

Make a commitment today to get started, and do not quit!


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