Two counter-cultural strategies for longevity and health

Posted: August 31, 2015 in fitness, mental toughness, mindset, motivation
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Many people live in a constant stress. They lived rushed, hurried lives and are agitated and angry repeatedly throughout the day. Little things set them of and they react with outbursts of anger, some do it verbally, others physically, and others with their vehicles. I guess this is now considered “normal” behavior.  None of this is conducive to good health or longevity

These things gnaw away at your health at every level of your being. To live in good health throughout your life, I recommend you take this counter-cultural approach.

  • stay calm
  • have self-discipline

When you develop a more serene state of mind, you can respond to situations when necessary rather than have a “knee jerk” reaction. Your thinking will be more clear, and as your self-discipline improves; you will make smarter choices.

This works, though it is very foreign to many people in America.  The old martial arts masters knew very well, though. For centuries serenity and self-discipline were some of the cornerstones of their training.

These concepts have lasted for thousands of years for good reason. They can add to the quality of a person’s life today also.


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