What I do before I train is as important as the training itself

Posted: October 18, 2015 in get in shape, masters men, masters women, program design
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People always seem to be in a hurry, no matter where they are, the guy in front of them never goes fast enough. Rush, rush, rush!
Enough of that!
When you are going to train, you better slow down and prepare your mind and body for what you’re about to put it through. That is if you want to get the most out of your training and keep from getting injured.
First of all, you have to switch all the madness that is in your life before you even get near the barbell. Some people say they want to approach the bar with rage. If you are already training at a professional; level, go ahead.
For the rest of us, we need to focus on the task before us and put the rest on hold until later. Deal with it after you done!
I take a few relaxing breaths and say a prayer for safety and excellence first, then I do my joint mobility. My routine is a combination of movements I have learned over the years from Jeff Martone, Tom Furman, Sincere Hogan, and Eric Guttmann.
This usually takes about ten minutes
My warm ups come next, I learned the importance of this from from two extremely competent Coaches, Rich Lansky and Zach Even-Esh.
I do my general warm up which varies but often involves using resistance bands, bodyweight exercises, and maybe some kettlebell work.
After that, I do my specific warm up.
This will mimic what my main exercise will be, though lighter.
My total warm time is about 20 minutes. Now I am ready to train!
My mind is very focused and my body is prepped for the hard work that is coming.


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