Fatloss hype & panic on New Years

Posted: January 2, 2016 in crossfit, fat loss, fitness, fitness for working Moms, get in shape, lose weight, motivation, Uncategorized
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A wise man once said, “Don’t let the urgent block out what is important.”

Being fit and healthy is a 24/7, 365 journey. It is a hard journey, but well worth it. That is one reason the New Years fatloss hype and panic on New Years is pathetic.

When my friend and mentor, Bud Jeffries,  decided to lose  100lbs he took consistent action for a year or so and did it. In fact, he lost more than that!

Another example is a person I recently met, Sandra Bedell, who worked to drop from 392lb to 187lb. This didn’t happen overnight.

New Years is one of the two most hyped up times of the year for fatloss schemes, “miracle” diets, silly “fat-shrinking” devices, and magic pills.

Unfortunately, many people fall for this garbage. Every year I wonder why people who are supposed to be reasonably intelligent get caught in this mess.

There a few reason I have found–

  • people being  lazy is the biggest one
  • there is too much bogus information online and in magazines
  • some are so desperate they will try anything

I never want to discourage anyone from making a new start on their health and fitness at any time of the year. In fact, I applaud them!

Just remember, it takes discipline and hard work all year, every year to do be in top shape or even to be reasonably healthy. It does not happen by accident.

Please share this with a friend or loved one who is struggling with being overweight. Don’t let them get fooled again!



  1. directorb says:

    Loveeeee this. This is so right on. It amazes me the surplus of “miracle diets”, it’s simply a matter of discipline, working out, and eating healthy. As you said it doesn’t happen by accident. Best wishes for the new year!


  2. I actually have a post explaining how to turn resolutions into lifelong changes 🙂 I completely agree….all these BS articles and promotions telling you how you can lose all that holiday fat fast…..You just can’t naturally and in a healthy manner. I honestly believe it is because most individuals are not educated consumers. it is the same with supplements. I had someone tell me they did not work out for weeks, but took their supplements so they should be fine and retain muscle….LIKE WHAT?!!! It’s their job to provide a service and sell their products, BUT IT IS OUR JOB TO BECOME EDUCATED CONSUMERS. At least that is how I see it. Countless people buy into fad diets because they do now have nutrition knowledge. Countless people buy into BS supplements because they have no idea what the supplements in the product even do (let alone how to pronounce them). We must become educated in order to realize our mistakes and what we can do to change our life. Cheers mate.


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