When I flew out to Santa Cruz, California many years ago to learn more about something new called CrossFit.

The instructor seminar was held at the original CrossFit gym which was in a warehouse at the edge of town. Coach Greg Glassman said quite a few things that stuck with me over the years.

One of the main things he talked about was improved work capacity across broad time and modal domains .

I took that seriously and have always made sure that our training didn’t get stuck on one of the more popular concepts of CrossFit:   constant varied functional movements done at high intensity. Work capacity is very important both in training and in life.

It is “sexy and cool” to go full speed at a couple  of exercises for a short time. That is definitely  a lung-burner, but what about doing a very hard work for a couple of hours?

How many people could run a chain saw for eight hours cutting down trees everyday?

How about being a block mason or a roofer?

Think about it, how well does your training prepare you for the real, world?




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