I moved to a simple little beach town, called Sarasota,  on the Gulf of Mexico almost 4 decades ago.

It was laid back and though there has always some wealthy folks around, it was  still pretty much a “blue collar” working man’s town.

Fishing was great, the beaches were beautiful, and the girls were stunning (that hasn’t changed, in fact I married one).

Fast forward to today and much has changed, it got fancy and mega wealthy around here.

You can drive down one street and see Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW, Lotus dealerships and more all lined up next to each other.

If you like expensive cars don’t be surprised when a  Rolls Royce, Lamborghini or Bentley or an Aston-Martin pulls up beside you in traffic.

That’s just how it is here now.

Huge yachts are lined up at the marinas, expensive gourmet meals are being served, sunsets are phenomenal.

You can pay over $500/night at fancy hotels with every conceivable amenity  at your beck and call.

None of these things are the best find or finds in Sarasota, in my opinion.

The best find in Sarasota is in a small warehouse, it’s my gym, the Cave.

We always used to be called CrossFit Gulf Coast, but the Cave is how everyone knows us now.

It’s kind of funny how some of the folks staying at those expensive hotels come to my “no frills”, old-school, hard core gym to train. They can afford to train anywhere!

Maybe they have just done their homework and just want to get some results instead of being pampered. They also show up at my buddy’s boxing gym, next door, Absolute Boxing.

We are kind of hidden away, off the beaten path and offer no amenities.

I am a simple guy who just believes in the basics when it comes to strength & conditioning.

That’s all we focus on, and the results automatically follow.


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