Community or cannibalism

Posted: February 10, 2016 in #how to stay healthy, crossfit
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Building community is something I have heard about ever since I first found back in late 2004. It was really cool to see the start of what would become a global fitness movement.
There was something intriguing about pioneering an innovative, fledgling way of training. It was raw and fresh!

The small band of new CrossFitters really respected each other and sought to help each other. CrossFit was so small, so different, everyone had to stick together. Who ever thought it would eventually shake up the entire world of fitness?

Fast forward to 2016, love it or hate it, you just can’t ignore it. It seems everywhere you look you see CrossFits opening up.
The more people show respect to each other, the better things go.
Any city can hold numerous CrossFits with no problem; there is no reason for them to stack up on each other’s doorstep. This happens when the respect is not there.
There are no assigned territories, nor should there be. The best ones will survive not matter how crowded it gets. However, there still should be respect shown to existing CrossFit affiliates by new ones entering their area. There can still be good friendships built if it is done the right way. There can be cooperation still unless people get greedy and short-sighted.
There can be community or there can be cannibalism; but there cannot be both.


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