It’s hard to believe that almost 12 years have passed since I first discovered CrossFit !

Some of the things have stuck in my mind since the early days, still impact how I train myself and others today. However, much of what we do does not look like what happens in many other boxes; but that is exactly the point.

Here are a few key points–

  • train for the unknown and the unknowable
  • broad, general, and inclusive fitness
  • increased work capacity
  • move large loads over long distances, and do it quickly

All of the affiliates should have their own interpretation of these concepts that fits their training needs and goals. There are numerous others not mentioned in this list, just back and read some of the very early issues of the CrossFit Journal and you’ll find them.

I refuse to discriminate against anything that will make me and the people I train stronger and more fit.

I remember Dave Castro saying years ago that we should learn from non-CrossFit coaches also. Now it is more common to see that, but that was not the case with too many people back then.

There are many excellent CrossFit trainers around; however, I have learned many, many valuable things from Powerlifters, Strongmen, and Underground Strength coaches/athletes, and others.

We do things differently at my gym on  purpose, because this is what works best for us., and still remains true to the foundational concepts mentioned above.

For instance–

  • we still  bench press, back squat, and deadlift because they are great strength building exercises
  • we use clubs and maces because they work your body in ways that barbells can’t
  • we do a lot of sled work because it makes you strong and doesn’t load the spine like heavy barbell lifts

People get a certain idea in their head when they hear the word, “CrossFit” and they picture things in a certain way.

That is not what we are all about, we do what works, that’s all.

Really, that is what the whole thing is about anyway.

Know yourself well and know what your people need from their training to achieve their goals and make it happen. The OG CrossFit concepts still work quite well!





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