Not a “cookie cutter” CrossFit gym

Posted: April 3, 2016 in fitness, get in shape, lose weight, program design, the Cave
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The early days of CrossFit were pretty cool, training was often done in back yards, parks, garages, and most anywhere those with a pioneering spirit could find.
Yes, there was indoor training, too, but even the early gyms were small and minimally equipped. That is why they started calling them boxes; they were like a box, just four walls and a little bit of equipment.
They were the opposite of big globo gyms, which were loaded with tons of shiny equipment.
Fast forward to the present and many CrossFit gyms are nothing like a dingy, little, with a handful of crazy, hard-charging folks trying to get fitter.
They are huge and jammed full of brand new, shiny equipment.
They look kind of like what they used to be totally against.
For some reason, many seem to have almost the same layout and equipment.
Not that this is necessarily bad, because ultimately it is the coaching that makes the difference, not the size or layout.
It just seems that some of the rugged creativity and adventurous rawness is gone.

I know we can’t live in the past but we don’t have to choose the same path as everyone else. I refuse to make my gym a “cookie cutter” CrossFit!


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