Prioritizing the training on your weak spots

Posted: April 24, 2016 in fitness, get in shape, motivation, Olympic Weightlifting, program design
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First of all, everyone has weak spots, though some live in denial of them to their own detriment. The only people without weak spots are those in the grave.

Having trained for quite a few years now, I have learned to build on my strengths and work on my weak spots. However, not all weak spots yield as much benefit to your overall health and  fitness as others.

So in order to keep on improving over they years, it is vital to find out which weak spots, once they are greatly improved, will bring the most return on the time and effort you put in.

Here’s where you can get messed up if you are not careful and very honest with yourself.

People have a tendency to  bypass the basics and pursue more exotic movements. Sometimes this is driven by ego, other times by fear of not being able to do what most everyone else in their class is doing. Fear and ego are often two sides of the same coin.

Here’s the thing, if you take care of the weak spots in your basic exercises first, you will be more able to conquer the  more complicated stuff later.

If you compare two exercises that are difficult to get right, double-unders and the front squat, you would benefit a lot more by working on the front squat first.

You only have so much training time each week so make it count!

Don’t waste your time on frivolous, flashy junk. Build solid basics first.

You will never regret doing that.

Also read this article, which really impacted my own training years ago and how I train others–“Virtuousity” by Greg Glassman



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