Reflections on the CrossFit Regionals 2016

Posted: May 22, 2016 in crossfit, mental toughness, motivation, Uncategorized
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I have been around CrossFit a long time, 12 years this fall. I have watched various phases of the expotential growth of this once relatively unknown group of athletes.
This year I have been very impressed with how many strength-based barbell events were in the Regional competitions. I also like seeing things like strict muscle ups. I even saw some elements of isometrics involved in the team events.
All these were a big plus in my book!
Our gym definitely is a strength-based training facility. I respect strength.
I have often said, “Strength drives all human movement.”
Strength expressed through difficult bodyweight movements or heavy barbell lifts is still strength.
If you haven’t watched any of these events, go check them out.
I think you will gain some respect for the effort these athletes put in; even if you don’t like or understand CrossFit.


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