There is a tremendous disconnect between many Powerlifters and CrossFitters.

It’s like everything shuts down when even the name is mentioned of the “other” type of training. There is a lot of immaturity shown by both sides in that.

My own personal experience has shown that Powerlifting can be a  huge  asset to most any strength sport, including CrossFit.

In fact, all the “Big 3” lifts were taught within CrossFit at the beginning. Somewhere along the line that changed.

At my gym, Powerlifting is an important part of our training, along with Olympic Weightlifting and Strongman.

Can someone tell why double-unders are considered more functional than the bench press?

People whose survival depends on being strong, like in prison, probably would choose the bench press.

Remember what Coach Glassman originally taught about “broad, general, and inclusive” fitness. He didn’t say except for ________________ (fill in the blanks).

It’s your choice, but we will keep Powerlifting!



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