That sounds like a tricky question at first, but let’s look at it a little closer.

When a person asks that kind of question what are they really trying to find out?

Do they think workouts should be easier since competing is not their reason for training?

Some might honestly think that way, but I believe others have different reasons.

  • they are so out of shape they think being in good shape is beyond their reach
  • they fear looking bad in front of others
  • they are lazy
  • they don’t want to fully commit
  • they are fear failure
  • they are afraid of getting hurt
  • they don’t have enough confidence

I am sure there are other reasons besides these, you get the picture.

My approach to these situations, if they are reasonably healthy,  is to really make sure their technique is solid and then to treat each lift like it is heavy even if it is  light.

I expect 100% effort from each person every day.

We will teach them about compensatory acceleration training (CAT)and have them practice that way in each session.

Josh Bryant explains it this way in his excellent book, Built To The Hilt,  “By  exerting maximum force throughout the entire range of motion, the premise of CAT training, you are essentially providing adaptive overload throughout the entire range of motion.”

That’s how hard you should train whether you are going to compete or not; whether the weight is heavy or light.

That is how you get  results! That is how you get healthier and more fit.


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