Celebrate lifelong strength with new challenges and goals

Posted: July 29, 2016 in #how to stay healthy, aging well, fitness, get in shape, masters men, mental toughness, motivation, program design, Sarasota, Florida, the Cave

You don’t have to live in fear as you get older if you stay strong.

Many people start “thinking old” when they are still in their forties. Soon they convince themselves that they really are old and start acting old. This is start of the downward spiral.

I say people should age ruthlessly!

I don’t mean that in the sense that you hurt other people. I mean you don’t let our culture force you into their mold of who you should be and how you should act.

People let themselves be marginalized by society by adopting a victim mentality.

“Woe is me, every thing and everyone is against me. I can’t ever win.”

You can see it in how they carry themselves–

  • sloped shoulders
  • bad posture
  • sitting down when ever they can
  • going to the drive through window at fast food places because they are too lazy to get out of the car
  • leaning on the grocery cart instead of standing up

Everything about them shouts “I am old and useless” and the fact is, they are lying!

Lying to themselves and everyone around them; especially if they are only 40 or so.

They can live in that kind of self-imposed prison if you want to, but I refuse to go along with that!

I am going to be 66 years young in about a month (GOD willing) and I feel better know than when  I was much younger. I train hard and really enjoy the life I have been blessed with.

On my birthday, I will celebrate by competing in a PowerX strength event

I will give a 100% effort on every rep, no excuses!

After all, I have reason to celebrate.




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