Keep moving, movement is life

Posted: August 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

The late Jack LaLanne was an incredibly fit man until he passed away at 96 years young.

He was constantly in motion, whether he was doing calisthenics, lifting weights, swimming, etc.

He knew “the secret”!

However, I meet people regularly who also know it. It is really quite simple.

The human body was not designed to sit all day, it is made to move, and to move often.

This doesn’t mean just moving from the couch to the refrigerator to get another beer.

It means to live an active lifestyle all your life, take your pick–

  • CrossFit
  • play tennis
  • practice a martial art
  • swim
  • run
  • paddle a canoe or kayak
  • power walk
  • surf
  • skateboard
  • Parkour

There are many other ways to be active and stay fit. Just pick one and get started!

It doesn’t take too long to get a good workout in several times a week.

The main thing is to get up off your butt and get moving.







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