Why is 100% effort is so rare these days?

Posted: October 2, 2016 in mental toughness, mindset, motivation, the Cave
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Simple, too many people think everything should be easy for them, in fact, they feel entitled to every good thing without doing any work towards getting.

Part of this is how they have been raised, part of it is our wimpy “politically correct” culture, and part of it is all the hype and misinformation in fitness magazines and online.

Here’s the hard truth:  You aren’t entitled to anything!

In the real world, you have to work very hard for anything worth having.

You have to fight for it!

I am thankful to have a small number of very dedicated, hard-working people at my gym.

They know that 100% effort is required in everything we do; and they give it day after day.

I won’t train anyone who doesn’t have a solid work ethic.

It’s just that simple!


  1. Joshua Klasinski says:

    Sharing the emotion behind those words…these men around me have much to do with how far I go!


  2. ironcave1 says:

    True, Joshua! Training with guys who push each other is a great thing.


  3. This is such a pet peeve of mine! Nothing comes easy and lets face it, for me it’s the journey you take that makes it so much more important and valued.


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