The comfort zone is the birthplace of mediocrity

Posted: October 9, 2016 in #how to stay healthy, fitness, motivation, the Cave



People love to be comfortable, and laziness just comes naturally for many.

I have said many times that nothing good ever happens in the comfort zone and it is true.

All you get there is fatter, weaker, and more passive.

Getting better at anything requires dedication, effort and hard work and those things don’t appeal to mediocre people.

Just getting by is fine with them, nothing more than what is needed to exist.

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Then there are those who are hungry for excellence. They are a different breed, in my book.

The strive to get better at whatever  they are working on; as well as becoming a better person.

These guys and gals have laser-like focus, lots of self-discipline, and a solid work ethic.

None of them live in the comfort zone!


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