Good health is not just about foods you shouldn’t eat or how much you can lift

Posted: November 21, 2016 in #how to stay healthy, fitness, mindset, motivation
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Let me be very blunt: 

If you are miserable in life, you are not healthy!

  • It doesn’t matter if you are ripped or not
  • It doesn’t matter what your deadlift is
  • It doesn’t matter what your time for “Fran” is

Regardless of your accomplishments in training, if you have no peace of mind or sense of contentment, it can be a very hollow experience. No matter what sport you are chasing, the same things apply.

Going back a decade or so, a very famous wrestler faced a personal crisis.

He was physically really strong, but he was anything but happy or content.
This is a quote from his book,

“Life was one big act for wrestling super star Steve Borden, a.k.a. Sting. On the home front, however, his marriage faltered on the brink of failure while he took the fast track in his wrestling career-and to a radical entertainer lifestyle, including an addiction to prescription drugs.”

So, why not focus on the things that truly matter starting this Thanksgiving week.

Take time to enjoy the holidays with the people you love.

Relax, don’t worry about what you are eating or drinking.

Just lighten up and take some time for the simple joys of life.

You can go back and hit your training hard with a fresh new perspective on life.

You’ll  feel a lot better, and so will the people who are around you every day.





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