Our classes are run as semi-private small groups. We only train adults here, no one under age 18. Most of our people are forty or older and just want to get fit, strong, & healthy.



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phone:  941-228-8341


Frank DiMeo is the owner of the Cave (originally known as CrossFit Gulf Coast), and is an experienced coach, speaker, author, fitness advocate, and seminar presenter. Here’s a list of his qualifications–

Instructor Courses:

Underground Strength Coach Level-2, CrossFit Level-1, CrossFit Kettlebell Level-1, CrossFit Striking Trainer,  Battling Ropes Level-1

Frank has also completed:

Dave Schmitz Reactive Resistance Band Workshop
Mike Mahler Level-1 Kettlebell Seminar
Kettlbell Concepts Level-1 Seminar
Tom Mitchell Strongman Basics

Logan Christopher/Bud Jeffries/Ryan Pitts

/Eric Guttmann/Dru Patrick: Super Human Training Workshops #2 & #3

Back 2 Basics Powerlifting seminar with Dr. Fred Hatfield, Richard Ficca, and Jenn Rotsinger

Adex Exercise Club & Mace Training workshop with Don Giafardino
Ed Coan’s Powerlifting Workshop
Adex Club & Mace 8 Week Course with Rik Brown, Jessica Huttig, Don Giafardino,
& Valerie Pawlowski

Former SSG with U.S. Army Paratroopers
Many years of martial arts experience (retired as Nidan from Uechi-Ryu)
Pioneered a  full-contact fight club in 1974

location:  4463 Ashton Rd., Unit-C, Sarasota, FL 34233



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