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20161202_102944A lot of people who have trouble with the overhead squat might just be fearful.

Using a resistance band is one way to help eliminate the fear while improving a person’s technique


Let me be very blunt: 

If you are miserable in life, you are not healthy!

  • It doesn’t matter if you are ripped or not
  • It doesn’t matter what your deadlift is
  • It doesn’t matter what your time for “Fran” is

Regardless of your accomplishments in training, if you have no peace of mind or sense of contentment, it can be a very hollow experience. No matter what sport you are chasing, the same things apply.

Going back a decade or so, a very famous wrestler faced a personal crisis.

He was physically really strong, but he was anything but happy or content.
This is a quote from his book,

“Life was one big act for wrestling super star Steve Borden, a.k.a. Sting. On the home front, however, his marriage faltered on the brink of failure while he took the fast track in his wrestling career-and to a radical entertainer lifestyle, including an addiction to prescription drugs.”

So, why not focus on the things that truly matter starting this Thanksgiving week.

Take time to enjoy the holidays with the people you love.

Relax, don’t worry about what you are eating or drinking.

Just lighten up and take some time for the simple joys of life.

You can go back and hit your training hard with a fresh new perspective on life.

You’ll  feel a lot better, and so will the people who are around you every day.




All this month I am promoting mens health awareness through a great organization called Movember (by the way, “Mo” stands for moustache).

My hope is to encourage men to take better care of their health and to have an active lifestyle at any age.


Too many times I hear guys who are about half my age tell me why they cannot exercise, why they are overweight, why they can’t do a push up or pull up. They usually tie that in with their advanced age, which might be 35 or 40.

They have convinced themselves that they are weak and they can’t do anything about it.

The fact of the matter is, they can.

They can do a lot about it!

I know of guys who are ten or  more years older than me (I have been blessed with 66 years of life so far) who are training hard and living very active fulfilling lives.

A classic example of staying fit all your life was Jack Lalanne, exercised right up until he passed away at 96!

I have a short video of Jack below that will spur you to action.

Enjoy it!


Simple, too many people think everything should be easy for them, in fact, they feel entitled to every good thing without doing any work towards getting.

Part of this is how they have been raised, part of it is our wimpy “politically correct” culture, and part of it is all the hype and misinformation in fitness magazines and online.

Here’s the hard truth:  You aren’t entitled to anything!

In the real world, you have to work very hard for anything worth having.

You have to fight for it!

I am thankful to have a small number of very dedicated, hard-working people at my gym.

They know that 100% effort is required in everything we do; and they give it day after day.

I won’t train anyone who doesn’t have a solid work ethic.

It’s just that simple!


This week I saw something I thought I  might never see a second time.

As the storm that became Hurricane Hermine passed through our area, it knocked down a tree about 50 feet from my house. The very next day I saw a butterfly go by my window completely unharmed. How did this seemingly fragile creature survive that storm?

I saw the same this happen a few years ago and it intrigued me. How is that possible?

I mean trees are strong and butterflies are weak, right?

It makes me think of the people I have met that looked very average but had incredible strength. Things are not always what they appear to be.

I meet people. like Jen Rottsinger, who pulls a 408lb deadlift at only 115lb body weight.  It doesn’t seem possible, but it is a fact and has been done.

I see Richard Hawthorne pull a 610lb deadlift for four reps at only 135lb bodyweight.

It makes me rethink what  the true indicators of strength really are.




Three rounds–
Combine bench press, tire flipping, tire dragging, thick bar rows, and weighted sit ups

The mind is a strange and powerful thing. It can completely sabotage us or drive us to new levels of achievement.

Since we focus a lot on Strongman and Powerlifting at my gym, this is a very important aspect of our training. However, you can apply this thought process to AMRAPS and metcons, too.

Sometimes when the lift slows way down people want to just drop the bar or stop the lift.

Unless something unsafe is happening, that is a huge mistake!

That is where it is vitally important to keep pulling or pushing all the way through to lockout. Don’t give up part way through. Any wuss can bail out when it gets tough, it takes guts to keep going. You are probably very close to a successful lift when you feel like you can’t do any more, so do not stop.

  • You can do more
  • You have some reserve left, use it all
  • You can rest later

Lifting is hard, effective lifting is even harder!