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Just did a very informative podcast with one of the top experts in this field.

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In a few more months this website will be taken down in accordance with our official departure from CrossFit, which is on friendly terms, by the way.

It’s been quite an interesting journey since I first found CrossFit in late 2004 and we became the 35th licensed CrossFit affiliate in the world the next year.

Fast forward to today, a lot has changed for us and this chapter of our training is drawing to a close. Thanks you for your interest in our training!


20161230_092718People have all kinds of body issues–





However, there is always a way to train safely!

  • The “one size fits all” mentality does not apply.

People are all different and need to be coach based on their individual needs and goals.


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No words needed

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Non-gym suspension exercises from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo.

If you are really tired of all the negative attitudes and divisiveness you see every day, check out my latest blog post on that subject.