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Sleds are one of the most versatile training tools around. You are only limited by your imagination!

Sled pushing is a great exercise, but pulling a sled will help balance out your sled workouts. Especially this way of pulling one.

How to get strong with sled training from Frank DiMeo on Vimeo.


We have been a licensed CrossFit affiliate since 2005. In fact, we were the 35th one to open in the entire world. A few years ago people nicknamed our gym, the Cave, and it stuck. So look for that name on our sign.


We only train grown ups here, minimum age is 18.

(We are located in the back parking lot)

We are glad you are here and look forward to having your train with us!


Going really fast is fun as well as very  exhausting. CrossFitters all over the world do this regularly. There is a  method to their madness and it gets results when done correctly.

However, going slower can bring some great benefits too. I don’t mean going slow in a lazy, unfocused  manner. I am talking about grinding out a reps.

This usually applies to very heavy barbell lifts, for instance, in Powerlifting. Bodyweight exercises can be done this way as well.

I am studying Marty Gallagher’s new book, which you can read about at this link

What books I am studying now

Marty’s exercises are performed in such a way that even the toughest, most well-conditioned athletes usually hit muscle failure in about ten reps.

That is nuts, you might think, until you try it for yourself.

Here’s an example of one of the exercises

Need a fresh challenge? Give this a try!


Twice a year, the number of people running seems to go up, especially for overweight people.

I was an avid runner myself for a number of years, but after a partially torn Achilles tendon, I looked for others ways to do my6 endurance work. I don’t do any long runs any more, and with the exception of short shuttle runs, I don’t do any.

I am not against running when it is done with correct technique by those who are already in reasonably good  shape already. The thing I see that is so bad for people is very out of shape, overweight folks running. It almost makes me wince just to watch them. I know they are really pounding their knee joints, at least, and possibly setting themselves up for a heart attack or stroke.

They would be better off with a quick-paced “power walk”, kettlebell swings, Battling Ropes or with sled pulling. I am a big believer in these alternatives to running.

I would like to concentrate on sled pulling right now, since it’s health benefits are not as well-known. I will cover sled exercises in several posts in the near future, but first, let’s look at how you can make a sled aka tire pull for next to nothing.

Watch this and learn how to make this simple but effective piece of traini9ng equipment